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BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust Message Board

  • sabeenakamal sabeenakamal Jun 25, 2014 3:14 PM Flag

    Observation on posters with BPT

    It appears that some poster will write up some negative message under a new topic. And this poster will engage most people that reply to their post. And attempt to defend their assertion that BPT is doomed and over valued. But when someone posts a favorable message under a new topic, there is very little or no response from these negative posters. What interest do the doomers have in pointing out the flaws in BPT? They are trying to do a good deed and save you money? Unlikely, either they want your shares or want the share price down to reap a short trade. Just a thought, really no point to engage them, as I notice many long term holders don't respond.

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    • Anyone who knows anything about royalty trusts won't touch this stock with a ten foot pole.

    • I find the "ignore" button to be a valuable tool when dealing w/Message Board "noise". Great way to remove posts that don't add value.

    • Everyone who posts/reads this message board is an insignificant investor with a small position; it would be silly to presume that posting to this board could manipulate the price for a short-term trade. Personally, my hope is that a long-term holder will provide a coherent analysis of the future dividends to be paid that substantiates a 100/share price; I could then compare their assumptions with my model to better understand the value of the trust.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • As a long term holder with dist reinvested my cost basis is below $25. I feel that $100 is overpriced- that's basis buy/hold/trim. To enter at $100 is not in my cards. To add at $100 is a decision to be worked into my ongoing investment philosophy. I might at $80, but $100 is a stretch to me. Am trying to keep balanced knowing that fixed costs go up in 2018. Am taking profits at over $100. Do what you're going to do-don't depend on someone else to make a decision for you.

        Sentiment: Hold

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