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BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust Message Board

  • barebuttbob2014 barebuttbob2014 Jul 21, 2014 7:36 PM Flag

    Where to reasonably buy

    50 day moving average is $94.50....too high
    100 $89.00....too high
    200 $84.50.. okay, but lower better
    was $75 bucks a year ago and could happen again.
    Remember, you make your money when you buy; you only realize your money when you sell.
    A large drop in the dividend due to a major production or pipeline issue will drop price like a rock.
    I wait for those events to buy. The best oil deal around is CVRR refineries Master Limited Partnership
    if bought $24.50 or lower, put on your radar list. I do not pump stock prices.

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    • CVRR little risky at first glance. Went public in June-no track record. Do you know age of refineries? Couldn't find in quick review fo website. Thx

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      • BPT you own is even more risky; notice how stable the CVRR price is compared to your BPT here!
        Did you study the CVRR financials? Care less if you pass CVRR by, more for me.

      • Age of a refinery is meaningless since refinery pipping, units, fluid frac towers and catalyst beds
        are routinely replaced over the years during annual 'turn arounds'. CVRR returns part of investment
        every quarter, plus dividend, plus your share of deductible business costs: you are a partner in the
        oil refinery....a big shot! Wait for a price drop to buy to maximize yield. If you want low
        risk with a diversified closed-end fund, look at FFC, but again wait for price below $18.50 or lower;
        a bit high now at $19.63 +/-.

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