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  • spikecactus spikecactus Nov 19, 2012 2:18 PM Flag

    Price to it's dividend

    Assuming that dividend will stay same 0.512 for next 11 distributions, anything below 5.63 per share is not a bad buy. I am expecting price down by November 25 (writing off tax!). Historicaly, price after November 25 is going up. Unfortunately, my average is above $7

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    • Replying my own e-mal, hmm! I am so happy that it is over for me. I am out. Good luck everyone. I might come back if its down below 4 and before February

    • At recent production levels, there are only 8 or 9 distributions left and nat gas hedges run off in Dec, removing some support for distributions. $4 may prove to be overpriced.

    • Huh! Are you saying if one buys at $5.63 and gets that same $5.63 returned to them over the next 11 quarters, almost 3 years, that is NOT a BAD buy?

      Why not just put your money in a bank, risk free, and get at least a minimal profit without all the complex record keeping requirements and risks of owning a trust?

      Why not invest in another trust where you are likely to make 10% or more yearly on your investment over those same three years and the trust is likely to last 11 years or more instead of 11 quarters?

      Funny how some people here still talk about a 30% yield when it is likely that $.50 or more of that $.512 distribution is simply a return of your own invested dollars.

      Finally, still see those longs on these boards who are so worried about shorts having to pay the "dividends". Apparently they do not realize the price of the stocks on the ex-dividend date are reduced by the amount of the dividend which offsets the amounts shorts have to pay.

      Again, learn BEFORE you invest, especially in nontraditional high yielding securities like Trusts, BDCs and MLPs.


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      • WHX fell to a new low of $4.84 today the annual dividend $2.65 a yield of 54..75%. The total distribution for two and a half years should be $6.625. The net should be over $1.70 per share if the dividends stay at the same level?

      • You are absolutely right. If I do not have these stocks, I will possibly stay away from it. I got it, when everything was in blue. If I sell it now, I will lose MORE if I will keep it to the end. I knew what I was invested in. I did not expect those nasty article. You know which I am talking about. I still feel that there is a game against spooky people and waiting when some one announce: game is over. I made a lot of money with this trust and now I am debating with myself to keep or to add more, that why I am discussing 5.63 price. Thank you for input.

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