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  • michaelmcmx michaelmcmx Dec 14, 2012 12:12 AM Flag

    point of inflection

    @almost 50% return, this stock is a winner. Sure they are running out of oil---years from now---and when (not if) the price of crude rises so does the PPS. No brainer here. Buy

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    • With all due respect, learn about investing and doing due diligence or put your money in index ETF's of good mutual funds... never mind, picking GOOD anything is apparently not your forte.

      The oil may last for another 50 years at 10 times its current price BUT it doesn't matter, this trust won't receive a penny of it after the next 2-3 years! Why? Better find out before you invest more money here.

      The only no brainers are those buyers who are looking at only the current yield here before "investing" their money here.

      Remember there are only so many Wal-Marts to hire greeters in your old age.

      The ONLY other explanation for your post is that you are long and want other fools to buy so you can sell at a higher than now so they will suffer any future loss. If that is the case, that is being cruel to other readers.


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