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  • lizahuang54321 lizahuang54321 Feb 7, 2013 5:02 PM Flag

    distribution declared

    interestingly, higher than last quarter.
    The surprise is the underperformance of WHZ's distributions compared to earlier estimates.

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    • Liza, they never give enough detail about expenses in their releases to build any kind of reliable forward projections. By hiding this information, they are instead just enriching insiders and those connected to insiders who get to see these enormous swings in expenses from one quarter to the next in advance of the retail public.

      I have a hard time believing that this went from $4.5 to $6.4 before any public release, just on randomness.

    • Please somebody help answer this question: if I buy tomorrow and sell on the 20th, will I still collect the dividend ? Thanks in advance

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      • Yes, if you buy before the ex dividend date (14th of February) you will get the 57 cent distribution. However, if you look at the charts you will see that you will probably lose about $1.50 on the value of the stock in the short term. I would advise you against trying to capture the distribution. Also, based on simple math, this stock will only pay out about $4.00 more after this distribution before it is delisted at zero. This is assuming the current oil and gas prices remain constant. If oil/ng gas goes up it may be a little more. If oil/ ng gas price goes down, a little less. You would be paying about $6.50 to get back $4.50. If you are interested, I would be happy to go through the math for you. You might look at my prior posts on this one before it blew up. I went through most of the details there. Good luck to you.

    • but estimated termination date brought forward to June 2015.

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