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  • mikegavris1210 Jul 30, 2013 8:44 PM Flag

    Anyone hold longterm here

    Alot of folks seem to sell before ex div date, at least thats what the boards are telling me, just wondering if anyone holds longterm

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • i wouldnt hold for long term because it expires in 2014. It is a good dividend or a good one to make money on as it runs up to div. date

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      • It expires in 2015

      • you make the point very well gepgolf. be a trader or hold long term and take in the
        divis. the trust has an end point as you say, but the question here is how does a person
        game the stock before his principal goes to zero? if your timing is good, you can wait
        about a month after the divi date when the stock seems to hit a nadir in its cycle and
        begin to climb toward the x-divi. selling just before the x-divi say a day before or two
        days before or 3 days before is the play. it has been shown that the ups and downs have
        until just this week followed the fortunes of the WLL stock announcements, but did not
        this time for some reason. maybe because WLL announced about a week earlier than
        before and now we are in the run - up to the x-divi. more than likely the run will
        continue until the day before x-divi this time, so, if you are in the game, stay until
        at least 9 or 12 August. then exit. sit and watch the cycle begin again. but, if you have
        some sort of reason for needing to put the divi in play, sit and take it, but prepare for
        the pps to go down more than the margin of the divi. that has been the case for the past
        several quarters. don't bring up last year, because it was a disaster. lisa must have been
        bitten severely last year, because she has been gun shy ever since. i say, however,
        a smart and timely trader can make out OK with this stock, if one just keeps ones eyes
        open. i am in it right now, but am contemplating bailing on the 12th of August.
        lets see if i get burned again like i was last quarter when i did not know about the mistaken
        investor tie-in with WLL. lisa is right about the relationships of the WHX, WHZ and WLL stocks. For some reason many people simply just don't listen or they are simply stupid. either way they will be separated from their money. GL to all. bp

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