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  • john_canales john_canales Aug 14, 2013 10:09 PM Flag

    Oil prices $106 per barrel and climbing

    It's possible WHX could see 10+ by EOY.

    Oil is on the rise and with Eygpt in Crisis we could see a spike in all oil stocks now.
    Analyst are predicting $120 per barrel before Christmas.

    This could give a boost to the next quarterly dividend.

    We may see a .73 distrabution next quarter.


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Do you not understand the price of WHX has to trend to zero over the next 6 quarters?
      Other than short term pre-dividend spikes. the price trend will be down all the way as it has to get to $0 in 6 or so quarters. Even if oil price does spike, it won't spike the price of this security which is so close to expiring worthless.

    • Please explain the $10 valuation. There are 6 distributions left until this thing goes to zero. Even if the distribution increases to .73, that is .73 x 6 = $4.38, which is lower than the current share price. Not that this cannot go to 10. There may be enough people that don't know what they are buying that will bid it up that high. Good luck, but sounds like a risky game of hot potato - the last one holding will get burned.

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