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  • rkoenn rkoenn Jan 23, 2004 4:25 PM Flag

    A pathetic day and ending to it

    I really had optimism for where we would be at the end of the day today but am truly let down. I know it is the long term that counts, but all the good days help to get there and today was not one. There have been many opinions about why this stock just won't perform as it should. I don't think I have seen any stock with such great fundamentals have this happen to it and am at a bit of a loss to explain it. My biggest gut feeling is simply that even with the great CC yesterday too many investors still view it as a PAS/China company. It will take until they realize it is much more than that and then it will sky rocket. This stock should be trading north of $50 right now and I am holding my shares until it does. And if they do what they said they are trying to do it realistically will be a $100 stock in a couple of years or less. We just need those contracts to start and a couple of sales to other countries and that will get us out of this malaise.

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