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  • bmydhagev bmydhagev Jul 27, 2010 10:56 AM Flag

    Insight on UTSI

    Technically, UTSI is rated buy this morning with the $2.63 target price in six months.

    check here:

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    • Hope we find out why the company leased back so much space in the Hangzhou facility. Something in the Chinese press about using it for a control center. Also saw something about Ying Wu and Qiang Li (developer of UTSI's IPTV system) founding a company to provide a value added service to UTSI's IPTV system. Something about cloud computing. Wish I could read Mandarin as the Google translation just doesn't cut it. I am not expecting much in the way of news about new contracts but Q3 sales estimate should be interesting, one way or the other (higher or lower than hoped for).

      Update on India would also be nice. Note that Alcalu, Ericsson and Nokia Siemens have all used problems in India as reason for poor Q2 sales.
      Hoping for some positive surprises but not really expecting them this conference call. Probably positive surprises will come when we all give up and stop looking for them.

      Have a nice evening.


    • Tech: you should short some of this dude as I do if you believe your study. this stock should go under $1.7/share this month after they announce 'we are pleased...' quarter result. the only thing stop me short more is that they may announce the company for sale, that will pump up price for a short term. but I don't think anyone is interested at acquiring this company. I agree with you 100% that UT has nothing left in the technology front or the business connection, but the cash. Other than the company itself, everyone believes or treats this company as a dead one already. That's why we see UT keep having these self-promoting news article out from time to time. These paid articles serve one purpose only - telling people in China "hey, we are not dead yet, why all you guys treat us as a dead company?"

    • <<There is a lot of Chinese companies trading for cash or way less than cash/book values >>

      Yes, you are right on it. That's why I got lost when people saying UTSI is undervalued. Yes, it's true if an US firm buy it our, considering the tax loss carryover benefit. Otherwise, this stock is way overvalued compared to many other Chinese stock.

      NCTY is an easy play under current price. It lost tons of money in last couple years. But it will either be bought by another hungry game company or going-to-be game company or stop the bleeding very soon. It has much better board (or a none exist board). The founder still controls the company which usually mean a quick turn around. On the other hand, UTSI's left hand plays against the right hand too long, the board is full of B.S.

    • I actually followed that one a few years ago...didn't know it crashed to $5 (actually $3). There is a lot of Chinese companies trading for cash or way less than cash/book values but as usual there could be something we don't know or it might turn out to be a hell of a gem. Thanks Tech...

    • Tim: if you have a slightest faith on the UTSO miracle, you should have put all your eggs on this Chinese company: NCTY. It has much better, and much quick chance of a miracle, and the market cap is about half of its cash.

      It's on the sex online game industry, not dead old telecom industry where the gigantics have been there 100 years. All your customers are the crazy billion players, not few money taking bosses.

    • "So, bottom line JP, shareholders/traders care about the stock action?

      What a revelation"
      Price movement alone makes them more bullish or bearish and prone to buy or sell when most of the time it is just random fluctuaction within certain price range and nothing fundamental behind it.Lot of times people make decision to buy or sell based solely on how they feel mentaly at that moment.No discipline or rules being followed just pure gamble.

    • "It would be a miracle in the business world if UTSI can come back one day, which I do hope for. It's hard for anyone in the business in China believe that either CT,CN, CM, or SARFT would give UTSI much business."

      With the company's history, it does seem like it will take a miracle but shareholders will settle for a small piece from a big pie. For too long, the company operated like it was a "large" company taking in large revenue that justified its large expenses. The steps taken so far have shown there is atleast significant reduction in the cost side and significant increase in cash/working capital. The company being a "local" company is being addressed as well in both India/China so nothing is guaranteed but better odds this time around.

    • So, bottom line JP, shareholders/traders care about the stock action?

      What a revelation :-)

    • That's precisely my point.Thank you Tim.
      It is not a news that creates excitement or pessimism,it's stock price action alone.Remember when UTSI was making new highs and everybody wondering what's behind it?This message board was much more active and it will happen again,hopefully on the price upswing.

    • I'm not sure what JP is talking about but if there are no news to discuss, whats there to post?

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