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  • jzhands jzhands Feb 6, 2012 10:18 AM Flag

    On 2-3-12 Ford Equity Research upgraded

    UTSI to a buy. Saw it at Ameritrade

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    • please_buy_while_i_sell please_buy_while_i_sell Feb 10, 2012 11:59 AM Flag

      ==Nobody knows but based on fundamentals and market conditions alone today UTSI is deep,deep under "radar screen".==

      UTSI barely shows up on the SONAR screen! {:>)

    • Shadow!
      I believe we are at the early stages of multiyear stock market P/E expansion with technology sector leading other indexes.
      I have been consistent with this theory for last three years.
      This is the most important macroequity factor for all,particulary technology small caps because within this group we will have small number of future market leaders born.
      Will UTSI be one of them?
      Nobody knows but based on fundamentals and market conditions alone today UTSI is deep,deep under "radar screen".
      There is a saying "do not arque with market" and it is true 90% of the time,but just like final bottom of cyclical bear market has nothing to do with being "forward looking mechanizm" UTSI today trading 80% below liquidation value is perfect example of potential of pps appreciation once market re-discovers this company again.

    • Jan: I was actually addressing "" but happy to have others answer. Techbrokers answer clearly indicates he is viewing this company as it was 2 years ago and not the way it is today.

      There is always a "bull case" and a "bear case" that can be made for any stock. I am a bull on UTSI but I could make a better bear case for the stock than I have seen posted recently. However, I believe the fundamentals have changed dramatically in the past year in the bull's favor. I have been buying stock for the past few months now on pull-backs and I suspect others are also. That is probably why the stock price doesn't move much most of the time. Someone is testing the market with 50,000 share sells at market price intermittently. They have been able to push the stock price to $1.23 at best before buyers come on to restore the stock price. I believe the stock is under accumulation but will not move higher until the next conference call confirms the suspected progress.

      Lots of good things going on in China for UTSI. I don't understand why so few others who have been following this company for so long just don't see the progress that has been made.

      Have a nice evening.


    • A Chinese company can buy UT out just for the purpose of listed in NASDAQ. Chinese are crazy getting listed here in US. It becomes more difficult for them to do it. Buying out a company already listed is a sure way getting listed.

      In this case, the buyer may be willing to pay $3/share. This is best UT shareholders can get.

    • That is what I am saying, I can't tell whether it if being supported(like buyback) or suppressed (shorted)or whether it is both in perfect balance, whatever. Point is, must be contrived
      because locked at 1.30 through all of this ain't natural. IMHO.

    • I agree. Something is brewing. Large volume or small volume and it stays at $1.30. Could it have something to do with the buyback????

    • Hi Tech, yeah I hear you. They have added to the problem by clamming up just like in the past, nobody is saying anything useful to shareholders.....'cept maybe the weather is good in the Cayman's! LOL.

    • I bet that UT's quarter reports from now on will be nasty, if they don't make the numbers. PHS rev is dying, China Telecom essentially kicks UT from China's booming IPTV market now, SARFT is no clue, and no resource doing any business.

      The best deal UTSI holders can get is to ask for a special dividend, saying $1/share. Otherwise, the cash, if they are real, will be for the management compensation in couple years.

    • This stock is stuck at $1.30 and won't moved off that range for love or for money, it seems. I don't know whether it is being held down, or propped up, but surely this has to be contrived.

    • They cited that UTSI was down 40.8% yr, 8.5% for the Q, and down 7.9% for the mo. Evidently they feel selling was overdone as do I.

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