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  • fonzi6744 fonzi6744 Dec 11, 2012 2:25 PM Flag

    MJ+ ROCKS!

    Use MJ and MJ+, MJ+ is much better sound quality. One annoying feature is after speaking 1.5 hours on either, it cuts you off and you have to wait 5 or more minutes until you can redial the number. Though if other person calls in you can continue talking. It's unlimited with a gotcha. With MJ+ they allow you to port your existing number over BUT there is continuing yearly charge vs. a onetime charge if you do. That SUCKS! Currently existing MJ customers can buy MJ+ at half price. I just bought 2 more. I kmow a Pakastani sending his mother one in Pakistan so they can talk free. I feel enthused about CALL just wondering whether to buy it here or wait???

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    • this stock is either going to split 2 for 1 or very quickly go to 30 bucks by now!!!! or you will forever tell the story of "I could have bought in at 17 bucks " this little device is going crazy, in 3 world countries for people to have a tel number is a status symbol and now they can have one that they can afford this stock will be the apple of the small cap companies, and everyone will be getting one ,just imagine what there xmas sales will be after increasing there sales by 50 % over the year before ( see 2011 financials) buy buy buy ,I just sold all of my other stocks to load up on MJ thats how much i believe in this company and its product!

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