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  • noname1163 noname1163 Jan 11, 2013 6:56 AM Flag


    "In an e-mail sent to Bloomberg News, a writer who said they were the author of the post said that they were shorting MagicJack, or betting on its decline. The writer asked not to be named and said that Copperfield is based in the U.S. The Jan. 8 post was based on “information derived from public sources,” according to the e-mail. “While there is absolutely some opinion, speculation and analysis in our report, we have arduously tried to delineate those sections clearly.”"

    1. The writer asked not be be named - comment: Everybody knows why!!!
    2. “While there is absolutely some opinion, speculation and analysis in our report, we have arduously tried to delineate those sections clearly.” - comment: I read the article and exactly that is not the case! IMO

    "In an e-mail sent to Bloomberg News, a writer who said they were the author of the post said that they were shorting MagicJack, or betting on its decline."

    1. And that is criminal!!!!! IMO

    But as i have learned, we are in the lawless wild west where everyone can have a machine gun in his house and kill his neighbour if he is knocking on his door::::)))) Because a big gun is a sign of freedom:::)))

    Hope that MagicJack loads their guns with the right munition which they have and shoot back!

    Very long and very strong

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    • You are absolutely right. Too much FREEDOM in this country and someone think to use it to make money. If they are not right, nobody punish them. I suggest SEC should set up a rule: if you make a noise and later on proved to be the truth, you have to be fined for market damages. Short sellers, if you do the short sell by youself, you do it quitely. If you are just GUESSing and broadcast elsewhere, that is not right.

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    • s.gallagher Jan 11, 2013 10:18 AM Flag

      Congrats! I read thru all and was going to write a response myself. Your phrasing and wording is very much what I would have written.

      Problem for me right now is: It's Friday and there will be articles over the weekend, Baron's etc.etc.etc...

      Stock prices now are based more on headline that anything fundamental and if some other short decides to blog over the weekend I/you could get badly burned over the weekend.

      Your right about the 'wild-west' environment that has been created, not healthy at all.

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      • I want the SEC to clean this s/////// up. If they are afraid to go after the bs bloggers, then go after the pretend to be legit websites for libel.

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      • The funny part is that y'all have known that Borislow's a #$%$ and a manipulator but as long as you thought you were all on the same team and it made you money this was all cool with you. It's only when either he stabs you in the back or creates such a loosey-goosey anything goes climate of trying to jack the shares around with strategically timed press releases that you create artificial stock valuations and that attract shorts just like bees to honey!

      • If that would in happen in Europe, it would take the attacked company between 5 - 10 days to find out, who is the root of this article. The question is than, where is he located?

        1. If in Europe, very bad for the root- the attacked company will get him
        2. Caribbean , and other tax oasis is more difficult
        3. USA, FBI is very cooperating with Europe and versa (is a good cooperation)
        4. China, very difficult

        Regarding your misgivings, that can always happen every time. You can simply try to keep cool and not getting nervous:::)))

        Very long and very strong:)

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    • It is not surprising that if you are searching for "Copperfield Research" you can not really find a registered location, address, management with names, tax identification, registration numbers!

      If someone has more details, please feel free to contribute the detailed address or responsible person name to the message board:::))) Would it be a fun????

      Very interesting is, as already many people has stated out, that this professional, none professional short organization follows nearly always the same method. If they would be serious, they would have a homepage, contact, etc.

      Very long and very strong:)

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      • Following are a sample of Copperfield research work published by reuters 6 september 2012.

        1. Surprising for me is: The press who are publishing this scrap asking always the attacked companies for response! The publishers are never proof the credentials of these "researchers"!

        2. In Europe, a publisher's policy that did NOT include checking and verifying the appropriate credentials of the the author would be met with disdain and would, ultimately, result in prosecution or, at least, loss of livelihood.

        3. I am assuming Copperfield research or the individual behind the following article participate in a Hugh profit to be short. That alone would make them liable in Europe.

        """(Reuters) - Shares of Tangoe Inc (TNGO.O) fell as much as 24 percent after a research group charged the telecommunications software company of misrepresenting facts about its growth rate and called for a probe by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

        "After doing a deep dive into Tangoe's financials, it is our belief that the company has significantly misrepresented its de novo growth rate, while demonstrating many of the telltale shenanigans and behavior that tends to be a harbinger for blow ups," Copperfield Research said.

        Copperfield Research is the pseudonym of a research team focusing on equities.

        The author of the Tangoe report, who holds a short position in the company's stock, said his report follows a similar one by online blog TheStreetSweeper.

        Tangoe could not be immediately reached for comment.

        Shares of the Orange, Connecticut-based company were down 12 percent at $14.90 in afternoon trading. The stock, which touched a nine-month low of $12.87 earlier, was the top percentage loser on the Nasdaq on Thursday."""

        Very long and very strong:)

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    • elbit Jan 11, 2013 8:00 AM Flag

      Law is an addendum to conscience--not a substitute for it. The only aspect of the "report" that was "arduous" was its effort to blur those delineations between speculation and fact. It used innuendo, hyperbole, and connotation to accomplish its objective. Your analogy, noname, is excellent one--of an illegally-obtained Bushmaster in the hands of a deranged and sinister as*%$^ole. And of course, the copy-cat crimes are the mindless statements defending such behavior. But like the plagues of Egypt, they will inevitably remind us Who runs the world and that every substance finds its level.

      In the end, the wi-fi will come out with dimensional enhancements that will validate the innovation the company typifies---both technological and entrepreneurial.

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