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    I hope you learn to understand how big this is..

    you will

    and consumers will also be able to attach Wi-Fi for the new magicJack PLUS and turned it into a router. We will use Wi-Fi as a source to access the Internet and make calls. The new magicJack PLUS will also have two USB ports, offering consumers the ability to plug in a 4G source. And in the second half of the year, we will start reselling competitively priced 4G data card

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    • """ We will use Wi-Fi as a source to access the Internet and make calls """

      WiFi is the worst medium for performing VoIP. It is the source of most complaints about call quality (stuttering, etc.). VoIP is very sensitive to latency and dropped packets. WiFi introduces those defects at a very high rate.

      If you have a home network which you control and can "guests" off (lock it down) and reduce interference, WiFi can work well.

      But, when you start talking about adding distance to a shared WiFi, shared users (bandwidth shortage), this could easily turn into a case of "be careful what you wish for." There could be far more negative reviews than positive.

      Another factor is a business model based upon breaking the Terms of Service of internet providers? 2-3 years ago Borislow made a comment about how a wifi device would allow users to get phone service without the internet. He specifically referred to younger people in apartment complexes (dorms) sharing one neighbor's wifi. That clearly violates the ToS of most ISPs. We know it happens, but to say that's going to be a significant selling point of your new product is uncouth (to say the least).

      I'm seeing a similar "optics" problem as people talk about sharing or reselling 4g.

    • So, new MJWiFi will cannibalize current MJ+ product. Lots of stuffed channel forced to fire sale MJ+.

    • basically calls for free anytime you have wifi...STARBUCKS, HOTELS, ANYWHERE DOMESTICALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY.....TOTAL GAME CHANGER

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      • You just have to have another device with you to login to the Wi-Fi hotspot, or accept the terms of service through a browser window. Such devices may include a cell phone (couldn't that be used to make calls?), or a computer (if I had the original magicJack non-Wi-Fi, couldn't I just plug it into the computer and make calls), or a tablet (couldn't I just load the magicJack app, Vonage app, GrooVeIP app and make calls that way?).

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