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  • behavioraltrader behavioraltrader May 6, 2014 3:31 PM Flag

    Idiots Buying May 20 Calls

    Deep pocketed idiotic buyers acting like bulls in a china shop, hitting the bids, not even waiting for a mid point fill.

    This is how and why the stock has gone up to these levels, and not because of anything else - these idiots who "manage" other people's money are pushing it up, period, end of story. If this stock is left to float on it's own, it would drift down back to 10 per share or less.

    Sooner or later, the redemptions will cause them to capitulate and liquidate, but by that time, all kinds of sinister forces will be in play. Hell, these calls may even end up profitable for a while....stranger things have happened.

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    • What an idiot.

    • As expected, the idiots and their client's money have been parted, since the calls are now worthless. Really pathetic.

      The bigger idiots are those "clients" who entrust these "money managers" with their savings, and the biggest idiots are the lemmings like these on the message boards who trust them when they publicly talk their books adn make "10 BAGGER" calls.

      All of the above deserve to lose their money, just like they lost on the May 20 calls.

    • Looks like the average they paid was about 40 cents for these options.If this guy Tim is willing to lie like he just did in the Bloomberg article the week before earnings,when he should have his trap completely shut,then the stock might go up.He must have his options vesting and then wants to spend time smoking cigarettes in a room by himself.I personally think he finally showed himself for the liar he is.Unit sales going up is what he said in his email he wrote to the author.This ranks on the list of all time stupid moves.No disclaimer either.I would have thought the company was in a quiet period too.

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      • Magicjackxceo is such a nothing better to do than roam message desperate on your part, do I hear sour grapes. In the end the numbers don't lie and you have no clue what the business will be. I am long, and I could be wrong just have to wait and see.....TROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

      • Ex-CEO, I am not speculating that a company insider traded the options, but I am speculating that idiotic hedge fund "managers" traded the options.

        Anyway, if those call options are large winners, you can bet that the option sellers will cry foul and go after the buyers. Sort of like that guy who is/was going after you....I forget the name now, but isn't some "option market maker" who was on the other side of your trades suing you for alleged stock price manipulation or whatever else?

        Back to the options, I still think they were a dumb play, since longer term options could have paid very well.

    • I meant deep pocketed idiotic buyers are hitting the OFFERS, not waiting for mid point fills...then again, I don't even know why I am correcting myself.

    • Wrong, you silly #$%$ Deep pocketed idiotic #$%$ shorts are going to get dry-fisted up the kazoo when this baby's in the mid to high twenties one week from today.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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