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  • rkoenn rkoenn Apr 14, 2014 2:50 PM Flag

    CAMT and 3D Printing

    I personally think this 3D printing that creates circuit boards is a misnomer for what CAMT actually sells. The 3D printing that is named as such creates objects from scratch, typically in a plastic resin, by "printing" the object from a CAD generated drawing. 3D describes the process of building the object by "printing" melted plastic onto a moving base, or moving printhead, and then building it up in the third dimension of height. From what I have read about CAMT's machine it "prints" circuit boards quickly and very efficiently with out near as many steps in the manufacturing process. I am not sure how well it works for mass production but it definitely sounds great for prototyping. For it to be a big financial success it needs to be used for mass production so the requisite commodities can be supplied by CAMT to the user. CAMT needs to get some more PR out on the testing that is being done. Until we get some good news the share price is likely to stagnate at current levels as well as likely drifting lower. I am vested in CAMT at the moment and at a loss as the price drifts lower. Hoping for some good news soon.

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    • gary_anderson_3dprintingstocks gary_anderson_3dprintingstocks Apr 15, 2014 10:20 AM Flag

      Yes, you are correct in that GreenJet does not 3D print an entire circuit board. But it does inkjet print (similar to Objet technology) the solder mask with, (according to Camtek management), several advantages over previous manufacturing methods. Some may prefer not to call it "3D printing", but solder mask is a 3 dimensional component by itself, and the process Greenjet utilizes is additive manufacturing, not subtractive.

      So I personally call it 3D printing of solder mask- but there are those who disagree and that's fine.

      Bottom line will be if the technology truly has the competitive advantages Camtek claims it has, then sales/revenue should be strong when launched.

      That's my take on it anyway.

      Buying CAMT back here because it's oversold.

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      • IMO. Patience is the virtue worth having when it comes to owning CAMT.
        News and progress about the Greenjet customer trials should be forthcoming very soon as trials began mid-Jan. and were to last around 3 months. Negative Greenjet news has been absent.
        Let's keep listening as the Greenjet progress report time draws near which will be cause for a nice
        $"POP"$... and then $ome.

        Next year this time I expect CAMT to be trading towards a $20 target based on the total of all their business revenues in comparison to the other 3-D companies (if all goes well with trials).
        The current downward draft will expire after damages are known regarding the patent infringement, and
        if CEO Amit stays humble and quiet, the judge may go easy on CAMT.

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