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  • c_h_a_r_t_n_y c_h_a_r_t_n_y Feb 27, 2008 7:04 PM Flag

    What the @#$% happened

    Re to:jwd
    "The dividend is 3.375."
    Well maybe:
    Let us call it distribultions.





    Top 4 are regular distributions and then projected if they continue at the same pace. Now the total is $3.578.
    At today's close that is 7.54% yield if you bought at the close.

    Wonder how that compares to treasury bonds?

    And of course it they increase at the same rate as last year, +9.76% annualized rate of growth, then you expect your unit price to gain the same. So, 7.5% + 9.8% is?

    Oh well, just for those of us who like cash cows. Or you could have GOOG. down -31% year to date.

    Happy investing.


    ps they are units not shares, and distributions not dividends. They are not the same thing, so let us not call an apple an orange, just because they are fruits.

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