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  • cptn_buzzkill cptn_buzzkill Jul 31, 2009 2:14 PM Flag

    Seriously, get out of NG and into Hydrogen

    seriously, I converted my auto to being run exclusively on Dog Mucus. My dog, Gargantuan, slobbers like 12 gallons a day. I just tie a bucket under his chin to catch the stuff and it is a relatively easy chemical conversion to make this mucus into a bioslobberdiesel. And the best part, when it burns it smells like Milk Bones.

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    • hydrogen my ass. chuk, why don't you tell your enviromentalist wackos to get a life. they are the ones that F'd up california and as I could remember alaska's bailing them out. california's so broke, they can't even give the tax payers their money and is giving IOU's.
      true, nuke energy burns cleaner than nat gas, but your enviro wacko buddies don't want that either.
      why don't you go back to your acas message board and stop trying to get people to sell so you could get back in

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