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  • chuk_wow_hok_goa chuk_wow_hok_goa Sep 8, 2009 10:17 PM Flag


    Now that ETP has added more excess capacity to an already over-supplied commodity with soft demand, what will happen to the share price?

    As long as oil remains [relatively] cheap and the government looks to develop every other alternative fuel (except NG), you can expect to see your investment in ETP continue to circle the bowl; and considering how incredibly dangerous NG is, this really is the correct course of action for our country anyway.

    I hope your shares are printed on two-ply paper so that when all is said and done, you at least have one final use for them.

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    • beerbreathisbetterthandogbreath beerbreathisbetterthandogbreath Nov 3, 2009 3:49 PM Flag

      hey chucky boy, what in the world did you do with your safety coin when they let you go?


    • NG is "Incredibly dangerous"? Stupid people like you in the world like to say things with no facts. Got some real news for you...of the 3 fuels...oil, NG, and coal...NG is statisically the safest fuel there is...also the cleanest (by far).

      ETP will be raising div by an avg of about 6-8% per year over the next 10 yrs. When the world economy recovers NG demand will be up as it is the preferred stock for making MANY building materials, packaging, etc.

      Go ahead...put your money in money will be in NG. I have 1/3 of my holdings in NG. Bought near the bottom prices last year. My original investments are yeilding over 15%. Div payouts on all my NG stocks have gone UP in te last year. Let's see...what other investments can you buy today like that?

    • I wish you would get your facts straight.
      1) So what if there is excess supply, the population is still increasing and eventually demand will catch. Sure it will take a few decades, but I am a patient man.
      2) The price of oil has been artificially suppressed by OPEC, in order to preserve their stranglehold on the world's energy supply. Once the alternative energy players have failed to compete with cheap oil and gone bk, oil prices will again go up (unfortunately an extended period of cheap oil may also do in NH, but that is an argument for another day).
      3) Shares of US companies have never been printed on 2-ply paper (except once in the late 60's as an ad campaign when Scott Tissue issued shares on a two-ply roll; the resulting negative backlash turned out to be one of the biggest advertising debacles of the century).

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