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  • l3l_00lvl l3l_00lvl Dec 3, 2011 1:28 PM Flag

    My four big dividend picks should be good

    I personally like AGNC much better than NLY....It might be worth your time to read this thread comparing the two from the AGNC board

    better yield, better management, and still increasing BV through secondary offerings, something NLY and CIM failed to do this past quarter

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    • NLY - sponsors can't be trusted. pulling shaninnagans. dividend is not stable. Cramer favorite and his cronies will rape you.

      FNFG - another Cramer favorite. his cronies will rape you. fish where that SOB and his cronies aren't. dividend has been cut also.

      WIN - another Cramer favorite. no track record for those guys like a MMM, PG, XOM, PEP, CLX or JNJ.

      ETP - anoteh Cramer favorite. the pps has been coming down steadily. if any one of these you have to buy ETP would be it, you give yield up for share appreciation.

      MMM, PG, XOM, PEP, CLX or JNJ are the shares to buy for dividend and protect yourself against the Governor Corzoine, L. Blankeins and Maddoff of the world as much as you can. Lets face it in this market place is where Republicans and Democrats are bought off on a regular basis. The SEC is under-staffed.

      Avoid this J.O. who posted this thread.

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