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  • rjraecek rjraecek Mar 5, 2012 4:01 PM Flag

    arbt" : Question IRA and UBTI

    If its your IRA its non-taxable until you sell it.
    save the paper work (K1's)

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    • I dont think you're right.
      Thair is a koncept in the taxcode called “unrelated business income tax” (UBIT). (Per)UBIT rules, tax exempt entities an d retirement accts must pay tax on (such income).

      It is t he IRA what owes the tax - not the owner of the IRA. Income is reported by IRA custodian.
      (The stupid grammar and misspelling are intentional to get past yahoo censorship which didn't allow copy & paste of article.)

      source is natp?orgslant ptp101

    • Not correct. Do a search on UBTI. IRAs can be resoponsible for paying it within the IRA. It is not common, but possible. A few MLPs generate a lot of UBTI and most little to none on a historical basis.

      Again your IRA is not an "individual" it is a trust. Trusts pay UBTI if any is due from the trust.


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