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  • harry_reems_u harry_reems_u Sep 14, 2012 2:35 PM Flag

    For all you ETP lovers

    As a SUN owner I feel that at this time, considering all the good things SUN has done since they agreed to the deal to get bought, the stock would be at 55 or more by now. All that crap about how SUN was at 40 and getting 50 or the screwy combination of $ and ETP stock, which I feel will be less than $50, is a bonus is non sense. We would be at 55 or 60 by now. I say screw ETP. The stock is junk. I could care less about the div. I don't trade stock for the div. leave that for you bankers.

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    • Harry - You say you do not care about the dividend on ETP. I wonder why not? It paid out $3.60 a year for the last 4 years or almost $15 per share! "Screwy combination" - hardly - the deal was a 50/50 mix of stock and cash. Ask for cash and you probably get mostly cash. The bonus is anything you get over about $44 which is where SUN would likely have moved w/o the deal. You also could have sold in May for over $50. Also SUN booked a profit of over $100M related to closing the PA refinery that will be reversed this quarter. Thus they earned about $1.20/share last Q.

    • You are dreaming to think that SUN would be $55-60 now. It would drop right back down into the $30's if there were not deal. The sum of the parts analysis add up to $45-48. Take your money and run!

    • All I know is that when ETP agreed to buy SUN it was near 50 and now after the market has hit the roof it's at 42. Why would I want a piece of this junk as payment for a really good company? I don't. I wouldn't buy this if I didn't own SUN so why would I want it now? I'll take a loss if I have to sell this junk to get out. Not happy either.

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