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  • arbtrdr arbtrdr Jan 3, 2013 7:33 PM Flag

    I'm already up 18.5% on this baby!- In very short order too.

    Liza - I'm really up about 65%, but again I bought in 2009! Also posted a question on the MMLP board for you. Thanks.

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    • Yep, almost any MLP bought in late 2008/early 2009 has given huge returns.
      Around that time, I moved a bunch of other non-MLP investments into MLPs.
      Thus I got low cost basis on the MLPs and big realized capital losses from the other investments which are very nice because they let me get lots of extra income from options selling with all the premiums offset against prior year capital losses. Thus so far not paying tax on any of the put selling proceeds. The end is in sight for the capital loss carryovers so now am trying to harvest more losses on some of my Canadian ex-Canroys by doubling my position, waiting a month then selling the original position. If the prices stay down for a while I should be able to lower my cost basis in those issues and harvest enough capital losses to support another year of put selling with no tax on the premiums.

      I did see your post on MMLP and while I do own a small position I don't follow it that closely. MMLP would have been a put selling candidate for me (decent yield but not going to appreciate fast in price), however at the time there were no options available on it. So my only option to capture the yield was to buy units. About a year ago they finally introduced options for it, but I've already collected a number of distributions so too late to sell now unless I want to pay the tax, which I don't. As you see I'm really into not paying taxes unless I really have to. Since compounding is my investment strategy, I don't want the compounding to be reduced via taxes.

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