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  • croppled1 croppled1 Jul 17, 2013 5:29 PM Flag

    Corperate Polcies that make no sense !

    I am flat etp now but have always believed in this company . I spoke with corporate after I had problems at the pump . Seems you cannot use a credit card twice at their stations within 24 hours ! Really , yes they confirmed this on a inquiry after I didn't believe the attendant who asked for cash so I could fill up a gas can after filling my vehicle and refused to otherwise take my card or set the pump on ? Have they never heard of people filling up a boat with premium or a gas can then using regular in their vehicle . Have they never heard of families with more then one car or card . I am amazed this policy exists and has been around so long . They say it is for my protection . I was not feeling very protected standing around in the middle of the night confused during a recent power outage that required gas for the generator after a long hot day and no power for several hours with no end in site . I ended up just going next door to another Station confused , feeling angry and insulted . When will honest people stop being hurt due to dishonest ones ? You really need a degree to work a pump too . This new one asked if you wanted a receipt twice to get one and then was out of paper forcing one to walk inside which negates the whole purpose of paying at the pump . I remember when Sunoco empathized service and convenience . Oh well I feel better because corporate sure didn't get my complaint . Put their employee in a bad spot trying to explain a crazy policy to a disbelieving customer of over 20 years who will support whoever will let him fill up his car with regular and gas can with premium for small motors at one stop at a pump .

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    • Exxon Mobil has the same policy.... A husband and wife who share an account both can't fill their cars on the same day using the same card..... ridiculous business policy....

      You could also find yourself on a long road trip... and not be able to get gas a second time....

      However on the NJ Tpk.... where all stations are Sunoco.... since the state requires an attendant to operate the pump.... there are no issues with using the card more than once on the same day...

      All of this is way out there in relevance to a pipeline MLP

    • Not specific to this company. I encountered that at a Valero station.
      I had a rental car and needed to return it with the tank at a certain level.
      I filled up with an estimate and later found that I needed to top up with another dollar or so.
      The credit card charge was declined due to the policy you mention.

    • croppled - Just wondering why you would call ETP corporate about this? ETP owns Sunoco but Sunoco sets the policies along with the credit card companies. for your information the policy you are referring to varies from area to area depending on the issues of credit card fraud. Where I winter the same policy exists for three major credit card issuers. If you attempt to use a card three times in 24 hours at a station they shut down the card! The simple solution is either use a different card or pay a couple buck to fill the gas can.

    • mikemclaug Jul 17, 2013 8:06 PM Flag

      Dishonesty isn't an issue- yes its not a good policy but your overstating this whole thing- disbelieving; insulted; needing a degree to operate a pump.

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      • Hey people - They policy is not an ETP or Sunoco policy. The policy is one from a combination of the banks, Visa, mastercard, and American Express. It has to do with fraud. Same situation at Petro, Loves and Flying J truck stops. Same reason you need to enter your Zip Code. That one is a huge hassle for international visitors who need to go inside for every purchase. That reason AGAIN is fraud.

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