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  • fishinearl1960 fishinearl1960 Mar 14, 2013 7:12 PM Flag

    Executive Compensation

    I 'm not one to just sit around and whine and complain. I do not like to deal with people who just whine and complain. There are too many whiners and complainers in life. When I have a complaint, I do not just sit back and whine and complain on some message board. Your wasting your time. So why not do something about it. If enough people are vocal and take action, sometimes it works. At the very least your doing something other than whining and compaining.

    So take action with EOX and their compensation. In the past I have emailed Marty Beskow (investor relations) at EOX with my complaints or questions. Keep your email business like, but let him know that as an investor you are not happy. I advise you do not write in a bitter, hysterical, non factual stupid idiotic tone as you will be dismissed as a nut case. If enough people write, maybe they might get a clue that a business should not give raises until they are making money. Don't be just whiners and complainers.

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    • 1100 BOPDE aint squat. This turd is a pump n dump. Watch it tank.

    • Earl
      A great idea...but I doubt it will do much good....
      Institutional holders abandoned this issue in a big way as of the September filing period as is apparent in the September (split adjusted) share price drop from $9.50 to $5.50 and further erosion to under $4.00 due to WTI losses and tax selling...and we will have to wait a month for the year end filing results to see if they returned or continued to dump going into year end..which is my guess.
      If you listened to the CC these guys really believe they will perform in a big way....have all the expenses and write offs taken as of year end.....and success with the business plan is a given !!
      If 2nd quarter results come in as they plan....they deserve the raises to some extent...but that's a big IF!!
      Until then...this will remain a great trading stock in a channel.....
      Your CLNE broke out on news....good call....and all the best..

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      • if 2nd quarter reults are as good as you say they will raise compensation by 500%! the compensation committee is made up of the compensated....They are following the business plan to the letter,transform OPM equity into personal wealth,it amazes me that they can continue to do it no matter how badly the co. does but there seems to be no end to their ability to game the system as their banks and securies firms make money and new money keeps popping up to feed the beast,it is an incredible story if not a textbook example of capitalism run amok

      • Regarding Institutions...I meant to say the December filings showed continued dumping and it will be a month or more before March 31st filings are posted...
        Too many Southern Comfort on the rocks, after a great day in the
        All the best...Rich