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  • rooky_is_lucky rooky_is_lucky Jun 4, 2013 4:04 PM Flag

    While theres still a lot of talk about the lack of transparency and deceptive management I couldn't disagree more.

    While management has a job to do, their job is to run the company and not cater to the whims of individual or even a small group of shareholders. I guess this is why management has told me that they see the likes of shorts or other miscreants as a mere distraction.

    Devs opinion of why management didn't release the Q1 report until after the AM is just that.....HIS OPINION.
    Q1 wasn't bad, and either were Streetlinks results, and there were just as many good things about Q1 as what miscreants want you to believe were bad. Q1 was profitable despite the predictions of HUGE LOSSES from the miscreants who claim to have no interest, yet follow NOVC 24/7.......hmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

    And a far as transparency is concerned, I frankly don't see how Novation could be any more transparent. From the SEC filings, to the PR's issued, to the websites and social media, there's more information coming from this company than any public company I've ever been associated with (sorry about ending that sentence with a preposition)

    Its been a while, but I would like to thank again poster Run50k for so many things that I've learned. I've attended AM's with Run50K, visited Streetlinks with him, and shared many emails about NOVC. Run50k taught me how to read and interpret the bond reports that I share here each month, and he also taught me how to access PACER to keep up with the legal issues (most of which are DOA at this stage) that confronted all of us in the past.

    Finally....for any of you that still think I'm involved in any sort of Pump and Dump stock scam or any other criminal behavior......think again. The 24/7 internet harassment and stalking of me and even my wife is disgusting and deplorable, and to think that others of you rationalize it as being acceptable message board
    behavior is just as bad.

    Thats all folks......enjoy your evening.

    Richard Morris
    Va. Beach, Va.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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