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  • igottabelieveit igottabelieveit Feb 19, 2014 6:57 AM Flag

    insider buying answer for batman

    street links keeps talking about consolidation…what if street links had a deal in the works to take over a major bank like wells fargo due to reg changes…….what if the cloud had a major deal with an operator of call centers in the works……..what if western union and novc are ready to announce a deal for advent……what about the prospects of a new tax service…….any of these would be inside info and there are indications a couple of them might happen soon…..that means insiders can’t buy or sell…..guess what they are doing neither…………..not even at these bargain prices...........

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    • that's a lot of what ifs... i guess it's down to hope and prayers.

      well, first your point on insiders not being able to buy is correct. so i agree with you.

      if SL took over a major banks appraisal business that could be good. but of course it depends on the price they pay and what type of margins they get. given the industry contraction going on right now - they would need a huge bump in sales just to break even. what's the net margin (incuding corporate overhead) on business. let's see.

      cloud - major deal - that's a pipe dream.

      western union and advent - perhaps they get some sort of deal here but advent has negative value - the minority shareholder walked away from their investment. you think they would have walked away if there was a "deal" happening. nope.

      your streetlink idea could happen. let's run the numbers and see how much value it can bring to NOVC.

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      • the minority shareholder.......the current president of advent....and mark ernst, former h r block chief gave up their shares...........don't you think there may be more to this especially with what was to be a tax service to take on block where these former guys got canned...........speculation yes but perhaps a smarter answer than they jumped ship....since thompson is still pres........unless you think novc is stupid enough to have a guy running the place who bailed....if that's what you really think then it's crazy to have a dialog with you........

    • I would prefer them buying Western Union over Wells Fargo.

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