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  • gasman993399 gasman993399 Dec 28, 2002 8:32 PM Flag

    rumor has it a NH dist....

    Is having some employee's leaving, left, or thinking of leaving. I guess when you are only a number it does not matter to the powers to be.

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    • I used to work for UGI. I now work for a homestore retailer. You'll have to guess which one! I stay in touch with a lot of old friends at AmeriGas and UGI.

    • Whats your position at AmeriGas?

    • Hey Ameridud,
      I would be interrested to hear you take on this
      subject in more detail. Do you think this puts
      AmeriGas behind the other majors? What are the
      other majors doing in this area? Will they
      become more functionalized or less?

      send me an email

    • The best thing that could happen to competitors of Amerigas is for upper management to continue this elimination of lower management tiers. Amerigas will cull the customers that desire a level of service beyond price. In turn this will provide market niches for companies that value customer relationships and offer a "service" for customers willing to pay for it. Everyone will get the type share of market they desire.

      Meanwhile, NO company is out there providing true growth in investor value by developing and sustaining new market opportunities. They would rather buy back what they've lost! But what a "net" for those of us growing our companies and our personal wealth on those customers Amerigas and others don't retain. The publicly traded companies will continue to provide a financial award to the competitors that pick up the customers they once culled by purchasing the competitor at an attractive multiple.

      And the market spins on and on.

    • Part of the problem is being "on call". AmeriGas has no policy to get you off call at any age, no matter your years of service. Think about it. Would you want your father pulling a hose at 2Am at the age of 60 to fill the many out of gases?

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      • A man out on deliveries,over 60 pulling a hose at 2am, very seldom happens at Amerigas. Usually when your over 55 your out the door. I worked for this company for over 25 years. To make a long story short I received a bonus check ($6000) one month and was told the next month I was being demoted from district manager to service manager, because I was not getting the job done. The area manager wanted to move his friend in as district manager and wanted me to carry this guy, because he felt I had to much time with the company to resign. This also benefited the company, they would not have to buy me out if they requested I take an early retirement. They saved $40,000. I took the chicken way out and retired early, I should of fought the situation, I was in a state which had a right to work law, they knew it and I was screwed. So gentleman do not rely on Amerigas for longevity employment. When you get in your mid-fifties, start looking for other employment. Oh by the way, I didn't even get a retirement dinner out of the deal. I have no respect for their upper management. They bust the employee's ass for the stockholder. Without you guys ,the employees, the stockholders would not have crap. Think about it.

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