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  • hank_schwab100 hank_schwab100 Aug 12, 2003 1:24 PM Flag

    Is everyone on this board bullish?

    Meanwhile hedge fund friends of mine started shorting this sector days ago. Price target of $12-15 within a year.

    You guys are probably not seeing the dangers they see.

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    • who the hell is HANK-SCHWAB100 (MSG.704)??.
      i own a hell of a lot of APU and look for negatives constantly and then comes this jerk with his many friends to sell us crock of bull,if people stop living in houses,and stop eating as well we will go to $12.00,if we dont stop eating etc. the $12.00 price will give off 18% i can hardly the way this clown has not posted in over a year????

    • Normaly, I would not respond to a basher.
      But this one actualy admits, or pretends to admit he has a friend. In a hedge fund, no less. Did he say friend(s)? To know one blabber mouth hedge fund employee must be a special thrill. To know (in the Biblical sense)
      two, well I feel just special posting next to Hank.

      FYI, want to know more about gas? CWEI board, this is not hype. Just take a peek.

    • I'm not necessarily bullish (in the sense of a rising price), but as a solid investment, APU seems quite good. There really isn't much of a "sector" - the analysts seemed to have put apples and oranges together to come up with an industry. APU makes money the old fashion way - they sell bottled gas to consumers who need to heat their homes and cook. . . also commercial customers. Not a Cisco or Oracle - not even a Dynergy (thank GOD). . .but over 15 years of paying a nice solid dividend. Actually I would like to hear some negative thoughts on why this will tank to 15 dollars with a current 10% dividend.

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