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  • sccrl sccrl Mar 22, 2004 10:25 PM Flag

    Amerigas is terrible to employees

    Amerigas is not a very good employee conscience company and they have really mistreated a friend of mine working there.

    Please read this whole message.

    He was offered an expanded sales position in the midwest and since the economy had been faultering here in the east, he uprooted and split his family in order to keep his career going. He is a single dad and has raised his two daughters by himself. They are his life and had to do what appeared to be the right thing. He left one daughter in Mass. at school and brought the younger one to Albuquerque, NM.

    He has been telling me about this saga for months and it has become apparent that Amerigas offered the relocation to try to get him to quit - they wouldn't lay him off just try to make his career miserable.

    Well, he just told me tonight (March 22) that Amerigas is now trying to ruin his credit and cause him to bounce checks and mortgage payments. This seems like an outlandish claim but this is what they have done. He has direct deposit into his checking account like most of us do. They sent him deposit confirmations of his paycheck in the mail and intentionally did not deposit the money!!! He had found out with his bounced check notifications. He called Amerigas and it was true, they held the payment intentionally.

    This is where I decided that I will contact as many people as possible that deal with Amerigas and let them know they do not treat their employees well.

    I am a single dad so I know that if anyone screws around with my family - especially my daughter - they better stay clear. This whole situation is disturbing and I am disgusted with Amerigas.

    That is all and thanks for your time. Let people know if you can.

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    • " He had found out with his bounced check notifications."
      What kind of an idiot doesn't check his bank balance WITH THE BANK before writing checks?

      "He called Amerigas and it was true, they held the payment intentionally."

      They told him they did it intentionally??? BS

      "if anyone screws around with my daughter - they better stay clear."

      Who is screwing around with whose daughter? You are a real whacko. Get help.

    • lawsuit.

    • First, what you speak of is illegal and I am sure that a company the size of Amerigas is not out to get one employee, especially one that you say does not really amount to much. After the recent company restructing everyone heard so much about a year or so ago I think if they did not want your friend around they would not hesitate to ask him to move on.

      Besides I am sure Amerigas as every other company is divided into some sort of Region structure. I find it hard to believe that your friend moved from one region East to another West only to be black balled by a company that has thousands of employees, is a public traded company, and is watched by everyone including goverment oversite agencies. After the ENRON Deal no one wants bad publicity especially from a disgruntled employee.

      Your attempts to embarass this or any company would be better delt with under the agency designed for such items. But we all know the story line... I have a friend.

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      • I can feel your empathy towards him and his family and no kidding, do you think there is legal action in the works?

        I have nothing to gain here but your motivation appears to be obvious... money.

        The country is really going down the tubes if this story is offensive to anyone other than
        an employee of Amerigas or a blinded by greed investor.

        Because I did not give his name means he has nothing to do with what I am doing here and that is right, I have a friend, we all have a friend we should stickup for.

        And if you do work for Amerigas, this is only the start of my campaign.

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