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  • v1rv2 v1rv2 Feb 7, 2010 10:14 AM Flag

    APU owns my propane tank and is gauging me

    I built a house 7 years ago in Northern Virginia. Amerigas was the company that my builder used and they insisted the 1000 tank be buried. I was told it costs me 10 cents per gallon to lease the tank than they normally charge.
    Over the last 4 years, The cost of propane has been from $1.77 to over $3.15 . I was told propane tracks the cost of oil.
    I decided to compare Amerigas to other providers. Each time I have bought propane, APU has been consistently more than any one else . The last fill up was August at $2.79 a gallon and they were $1.00 more than another local provider.
    The termination clause on the contract requires me to pay APU to remove the tank but they will not sell it to me.
    Any ideas out there ?
    Thanks in advance

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    • You are 100% right. AmeriGas will lull you to sleep on their good name and size. Great first fill and service. The truth is, AmeriGas inflates their price to get the needed margins to keep the unit holders happy. They continue to add fees and unnecessary charges. I am told now they charge you $54.99 just to show up for service. It's companies like AmeriGas that drive the wall street protests. Wake up people..look at what you pay and understand the reality. Cost today for AmeriGas is about $1.70 tops. What are you
      being charged?

    • No Not a hill Billy. I own quite a few MLPs just never thaught about APU as a investment.
      Thanks for the distribution. Pays my gas Bill.........

    • "I was told it costs me 10 cents per gallon to lease the tank than they normally charge."

      gauging not = gouging

      "Any ideas out there ?" Not absolutely certain, but I suspect you're a poorly educated hillbilly.No wonder America is losing its competitive edge.

      Any other ideas?

    • It's very simple. This kind of posts pisses me off to know end. LISTEN, very careful.
      If ya own a butt load of this company, which pays a good dividend, kinda makes ya feel better about that tank.
      You probably cry about gasoline prices at the pump and have no oil stocks, refiners or drillers. Here's a clue on that one also.
      They pay a good divi also.

    • Yes, Purchase a tank from another supplier and have a backhoe operater remove the Amerigas tank and set it on the ground where they can pick it up. Its much easier than you think.

    • highlanderoftheoldcountry highlanderoftheoldcountry Mar 17, 2010 4:46 PM Flag

      contact blossman...ask for ellis... or email him

      I forced Amerigas to sell me the tank... (took me lots of effort and angry calls) was around $2300.00

      I told them if they didn't...I would just install a new tank..and leave theirs empty..

      if you are not in an HOA you can also tell them you will just install a temporary above ground tank...and let their tank sit as a "non performing asset" I love that term...

      blossman will allow you to do 3 options..
      BUY the tank outright..
      Lease-buy back over 5 years
      or they will provide you a tank...

      I am paying $2.00 per gallon from Blossman...(filled up 3 weeks ago)
      ..funny thing ...Amerigas lowered the prices to my neighbors..once they got wind of my price...matched it to prevent a revolt... and save their lock on the community...

      I say the state regulations should force suppliers to sell tanks if the homeowner requests it... its like Shell owned the tank in your car...and you can only fill up at shell

      its not let AMERIGAS match the price just to keep you as a customer...

      force them to sell the tank....or you will just go over the same problem again...(Im in Northern VA too)

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