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  • erusa62 erusa62 Jan 25, 2012 10:36 AM Flag

    30 million short

    Not sure about all the comments I have been reading lately, but one thing I am sure of is a company who just came up 30 million short needs to make some adjustments. The person that spoke about the Heritage deal was 100% right. AmeriGas will try to hide these tremendous losses by talking about the savings of mergers, etc. I have said this from day one. You cannot continue to add on debt, pay large dividends and believe that you will come out on top. For those who just invest, remember on thing..Propane is Propane. The small independents are getting a larger part of the pie because that are not as greedy. In the world where I live, two independents buit their business on the backs of AmeriGas. They then sold to Heritage and now AmeriGas buys them back. Do you really believe that these customers will stay??? Time will tell. I have also spoke about the shortfall that AmeriGas is experiencing right now. Sorry folks, but please don' kill the messanger, just keep listening. I have been open and honest and told you about this 30 million shortfall.

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    • Please check weather in service area before comparing sales. This has been a warm winter thus far and last year was much colder.

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      • Yes, you are right about the weather, but I think you have missed my point. AmeriGas could be the best of the best and do it easily. The problem is their management team. When you make millions as they did in 2008-2009, it's like being on a drug. You cannot help yourself, you continue. AmeriGas got greedy and now it is taking it's toll. They want margins that exceed the market and EIA. They keep making these promises to the unit holders and board and cannot help themselves....Now they missed their 1st quater by 31 million, January will exceed their 1st quater losses, they are into their line of credit to pay their dividends (over 400 million), they have now incurred more debt with Heritage, who by the way missed Jan by 35 million +. People are being laid off and customers are leaving in droves...Sorry, but this is the truth and how long do you think this can go on?

        I believe at some [point either the board or the unit holders will have their say. You don't believe the President is retiring because he wants to?

    • "Sorry folks, but please don' kill the messanger, just keep listening. I have been open and honest and told you about this 30 million shortfall. "

      " messanger " The word is "messenger," Ellie Mae.

      There's nothing for you to be open and honest about. You're a rumor-mongering old biddy who likes to gossip about things beyond her ability to comprehend. Given your poor grammar and spelling, you're probably an illegal alien or someone trained in a madrassa to undermine American business by spreading unsubstantiated rubbish as if you had any genuine inside information.

      If you can't understand that, I'm sure you'll understand this:
      نعود إلى المكان الذي جئت منه.

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      • Poor person..You must not be able to do the math. I may spell a word or two wrong, but I do have inside info and I can do the math. Dividends of $3.05 being paid and income of $2.30 the trailing 12 makes them about $.75 short per unit. A fifth grader can figure that one out. Stop acting like a ignorant person and use words that are more becoming. Maybe you can't.

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