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  • thosehayden thosehayden Mar 27, 2002 5:22 PM Flag



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    • Hey, have you been keeping an eye on GOLD!? I've been picking up some Saints a few at a time as I found them. My buddy is buying Ft Worth Coin Co. He has a group of 20 or 30 coins I'm supposed to get first shot at next week. I probably won't want all of them (duplicates etc) so if you have an interest, email me and I'll figure out a way for you to take a look, as well.


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      • thanks for the offer, but I'm not much in to gold. I've been buying bust quarters and bust half dollars.

        I wish I was buying the Fort Wort Coin company. Its a nice store and it seems like a dying breed of neighborhood coin stores. Just for my curious nature, and I don't mean to be too nosey, But what would something like the Ft Worth coin store cost?

        By the way I'm also starting a Hedge fund. I'm doing the paper work now. Once I get enough assets I'll probably office in downtown Ft. Worth. Its a value fund where I write calls on my holdings. Talk to you later.