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  • bluebee27650 bluebee27650 Jul 19, 2002 3:12 AM Flag

    Stock manipulation 101

    Make no mistake this POS is being manipulated.
    insiders bailing, I'm holding, SEC smiling--changes are gonna come!!!! Is everyone from Texasss a crook??????

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    • Who are you to determine what people should post here. Wish you had been around when frichard was posting (he averaged more than 20 out of every 40 posts, few on topic.) Oh, for the good old days. frichard would have eaten you alive!

    • It relates to LQI in that at least two of the stock holders of this company share a additional common interest and communicate through this board. The post line clearly reads "Hey, Tom..." is that you? However, I took the time to clearly explain the post for your benefit.


    • Excuse me!! But I don't see how that relates to LQI ... or is this a general chat board????

    • "ditto" , and I don't believe Santa Anita is losing money either. The saying is that as times get tougher people tend to gamble more. I got sucked into the hotel business via that acquisition. We as share holders, need to be heard. Speak up,!

    • That is the point I've been making. We've spent so much money on LAWYERS & ACCOUNTANTS & CONSULTANTS & GOLDEN PARACHUTES that we probably would have been better served to keep the assets, pay the bank as we could. I still play GOLF on the Cobblestone courses and they are making plenty of money!


    • You guys are looking at the old news from the previous quarter. And the "losses" you are talking about are from accounting adjustments due to the change in corporate form. They actually reported a positive operating income.

      They haven't posted the June quarter's results yet. That comes on August 1.

    • Can't say you were not warned by both me and the insiders. Sorry for those trapped like me in this POS. More to come I fear, then we can start a new cycle for these good ole boys.

    • we only lost a half BILLION dollars! I am starting to think our management is showing true genius. Not an every day fool can loose that kind of money.


    • This message was not for YOU!!! I'm sure it made sense to the person I sent it to. I will be happy to translate. AU stands for "Almost Uncirculated" 50 is a numeric rating on a scale of 1 to 70. Lower numbers representing lower grades and higher numbers representing higher grades. "Clashed Dies" occur when the obverse (front) and reverse (back) dies strike each other without a planchet (unstruck metal preformed into a coin shape) in the middle. A struck planchet with an obverse and reverse image becomes a coin. The next planchet struck by "Clashed Dies" will show a partial imprint of the opposite die. Something that happens in real life at the United States Mint, but not something that a counterfieter would take the time to try to copy.

      Hope this helps


    • Excuse me..... sorry but your message is unintelligible.

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