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  • thosehayden thosehayden Jul 20, 2002 7:27 PM Flag

    Stock manipulation 101

    Oh now we are going to blame BUSH, Chenney, PITT. Where were you during the previous administration? Clinton, GORE, Levitt - fine christian examples. Oh by the way, Levitt is a lying peice of crap. If you want a story on Levitt I have one for you.

    I bought MT @ 12 1/2, 7500 shares. Rode it to two, sold half my position @ 7 the other half @ 7.95. No one manipulated me, I just made bad decisions. Its okay, every once in a while I make good decisions.

    I think LQI is heading to 4. Their recent annoucement that they were going to raise cash does not bode well for several reasons.

    And yes I live in Dallas, raised in KY. moved to Dallas after college where I have been a Nasdaq Market Maker for the last 11 years. Over the last 11 years I made in excess of 1 Million trades and traded about 2 billion shares of volume(I write about 400 tickets a day, and trade about 15 million shares a month). And this last year has been Crap. I have not made a dime since they started traded stocks in decimals and not fractions(Asshole Levitt). The liquidity just went away. Sure you can look at the tape and say look at the volume. But the Liquidity and Order in the market just went away.

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    • During the previous administration I was making money like alot of other people. All that aside this POS--lqi--is just that and a perfect example of corporate greed. The options house of cards is falling on these scumbags, unfortunately also catching me in the process. I do however wish you the best in your investments. Almost everyone is suffering. And, yes I do blame the Bush administration for alot of this with their "kinder-Gentler" SEC! Investors will be much better off a year from now but I don't how many of us will be left to benefit. Good Luck!

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      • <<And, yes I do blame the Bush administration for alot of this with their "kinder-Gentler" SEC! <<

        Bush will be blamed by those so inclined as the scandals have been revealed while he was in office. Clinton will be blamed by those so inclined as the scandalous activities being discovered began while HE was in office.

        Most of us, however, will blame the individual people who have misbehaved and hope that, if guilty, they are punished enough to deter others from those kinds of activities in the future.

        The SEC has a role to play but they are an administrative agency of government. These appear to be criminal matters and the judiciary acts as a check against the executive branch. Pitt can't throw anybody in jail, although I don't doubt he would like to do so.

        Most of us are also concerned that the laws may not be clear enough to actually punish these liars and cheats. And some of us are concerned that Congress will wade in with a bunch of bad laws when existing law is probably sufficient. I don't think we will be able to see the weaknesses in the current system until the entire mess has played itself out.

    • Did I tell you that I picked up an 1856 $3 gold piece recently? I bought a small group of gold coins and that was in the package.


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      • Wow 3 dollar peices are rare. Be careful though, alot of those are Omega counterfits. Most counterfits look like they are brand new, ie great condition, which they are new.

        Why don't you join a new coin club that has started in the Bedford area. It meets this thursday at 7. If interested I'll give you details on how to get there.