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  • frichard97 frichard97 Feb 19, 1999 12:14 PM Flag

    noon market

    most recent trade 100 shares.
    Earlier in the day trading was stronger.

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    • Only buying Meditrust. But you did make a good point.

    • Just because I'm not married is no reason to get personal. You sound like all of the girls I know.


    • If you want to go whole hog try FAT BOBS' BARBECUE and just nibble on MT. You don't seem like the type to make a commitment.

    • You won't get me anywhere close to South Beach

    • That was just a slap shot from a royal Canadian separatist.
      I get a kick out of your medical situation in the lower soverign states.Good to hear from you and what is your itenerary fat cat.

    • Some guys will go anywhere for a free lunch.

      I'm looking to add to my MT position this week. I may even go whole hog and buy two shares. You know, so I can double my position.


    • Were those Miami Dolfins? Was my old pal Jimmy J there?


    • Frichard... You reminded me of "Message in a
      Bottle". Thank you for the beautiful post. My brother has
      trouble hiring the finest
      surgeons a prestigious
      hospital desires when he has a budget to offer salaries at
      about 200-300K. Most surgeons want 500K-1 million...but
      those days are gone unless you are in private practice.
      Then the next problem comes in when a staff surgeon
      may not fulfill his "obligations" to perform so many
      surgeries a year to earn his keep. And worse... the
      hospital collects about half of what is billed. You have
      peaked my curiosity. Are you also in the field? Do you
      have these problems? My bro is also into Diabetic
      Research. Currently offered position as Chairman of Dept.
      of General Surgery... not accepting until they give
      $$$ he needs to run Dept. correctly. I say..BRAVO to
      him!!! We need innovative and hard working people in the
      medical field who can manage to give a free lunch to
      those who most hungry and yet
      bring in the bucks in
      creative ways. Regards.. Charm

    • You have me confused with Dr. Kevorkian
      you need some one to kill you he has lots of
      experience and a steady hand.
      I can't feel too sad about
      Your brothers dilema finding good help. I have several
      Doctors in the family and they all are having the same
      experience. Personally I can't find help either.
      For me
      the soltion is simple QUIT TRYING.
      As I was having
      lunch at Snook Inn on Marco Island I kept asking myself
      why I don't just relax and enjoy real people. It is a
      beautiful place with a nice view of the harbor and all the
      dolphins following the schools of fish looking for a free
      (The Dolphins) The soft music performed live by an
      excellent guitar player and his canned juke box added
      atmosphere that would relax anyone and make the scene
      perfect. But sadly there is no free lunch and many of us
      have to learn that lesson.
      Does your brother have
      trouble finding help because of pay scale or is it
      because there are not enough competent Doctors available?
      I got stuck signing autographs and posing for a
      whole bunch of tourists.

    • Just a note here: My brother is the a Chief of
      Surgery at a major
      research/teaching hospital. He
      claims it is getting harder to hire and keep doctors in
      his department/ keep the hospital afloat period- as
      Medicare is only paying ONE HALF of all operations billed
      annually. They are scrambling for NSI grant money and every
      other way you can think of. If this is true of a
      hospital... imagine the implications for healthcare in
      nursing facilities, assisted living centers, etc.??? I am
      relieved to imagine that MT could rent properties in a
      different capacity
      if needed. However.. I am horrified
      as a baby boomer to think
      if SUN can go down,
      where does that leave us???- not to mention REIT's that
      lease properties to the healthcare industry. Regards...
      Charm p.s. frichard... you kill me!!! LOL

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