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  • Vaalie60 Vaalie60 Apr 21, 1999 11:16 PM Flag


    . . if you want your stock to go up.

    Look in today's Wall Street Journal -- article on
    REIT's on Property Report page -- hotels, and healthcare
    were among the top 3 REIT sectors last week i.t.o.
    market performance (outlet centers was the other, thanks
    to Warren B.). Diversified REIT's were among the
    poorest. Best to split Meditrust ASAP, IMO.

    Nowhere does the proposal say anything about converting
    to a C-Corp. And if it does, we might be better off.
    HOT went up over 50% after it converted.

    3. As
    for past mistakes, there is no point in saddling the
    present management with them. They have done an excellent
    job so far in selling assets, getting rid of the
    FEIT, and restoring liquidity. Expected FFO of $2.30
    this year ($2.48 next year, assuming the same
    structure) will easily cover the dividend. As for the
    Bass's, one of my shares carries the same rights as one
    of their's. If they get value from their shares, so
    will I.

    4. I plan to vote all 10,000 of my
    shares FOR the proposals, and I urge all others to do
    the same -- in their own best interest!

    PS: My
    target is 18-20 -- initially!