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  • thomashayden thomashayden Jul 20, 1999 5:52 PM Flag

    Morons at both the tops and bottoms

    Fortunately there is always a moron to pay the
    top, as well as a moron to sell at the bottom. Well I
    didn't buy at the top and to keep my streak alive I'm
    not going to sell at the bottom. MT might be dead
    issue for a while but realisticly what is the down side
    from here - not much.

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    • I don't drink and I absolutely do not use metal woods. Only the real thing for me and I use antique Hogan's.


    • Are you talking paper or real money? I would
      guess you could not tell me how much money could be
      stuffed in a shoe box. Your choice of denominations.
      $20/$50/$100/$1000/$10000/$100000/ etc. in clean new bills. The old ones are dirty
      and heavier.

    • regarding ageing population? I don't see that
      many people living in MT quarters. Maybe if the
      younger generation would save a little and invest it for
      old age there might be a chance for assisted living.
      Problem is you guys can't do anything for your selves you
      have to have someonelse do it. Visit a rest/retirement
      home and see what I am talking about. Medicare has
      been footing the bill way too long.
      Would you send
      your father to a rest home?????

    • Equally bewildered.. Stock has sunk at at large
      percentages every day since the ex.dividend date... Its as if
      everyone had decided to sell as soon as they collected the
      dividend.. And i presume that the selling bred more selling
      etc etc etc. Much of the selling is probably stop
      loss, which in turn breeds more selling... The volumes
      have also been far above normal every day of these
      steep declines..there are sure a lot of people who want
      out.. Sure hard to understand, the stock certainly
      appears to have value, far and above what it is selling
      for. Our ;ageing population is certainly going to
      require more and more care facilities, these people are
      not going away, they will increase considerably in
      the future, and hotels will always do business and
      have i am as bewildered as you... and I
      will continue to hold...

    • Did anyone take notes during the last conference
      call? I'd like to know exactly what was said.

      Even with all the problems MT has, it's truly amazing
      how low the stock has dropped. From the last few
      days, you'd think MT was about to declare

      Call me bewildered in Illinois.

    • WGO has already appreciated about 80% in the last
      couple of months but it has a long way to go. Great
      Value play with exceptional Growth

      MTON has great Growth potential. The largest Info
      service for the wireless markets. Its getting ready to
      explode, could easily double or triple in the next

      What have you got to lose but more money in MT. Check
      them out.

    • Sorry, not while the stock is tanking and
      investors don't have even six-month visibility to make
      informed decisions. The record of company management is
      abysmal and there are many unknowns about this company.
      It might come back and make some people a lot of
      money, but the key point is this: This stock is a crap
      shoot. If you like gambling, buy it.

    • hotel reit is the ultimate inflation hedge.
      Assuming the public still travels, ADR's can be changed
      almost at will while the long term debt just keeps on
      chugging. Much better than malls, office buildings, health
      care, etc. If you fear inflation you have a great hedge
      in a company like MT due to the fact that over half
      its cash is generated from the hotel


    • Unless you and Vaalie are the same person.
      You all sound the same. No description available.

    • George lost to the "Clintons" Plural
      Dion't want to confuse an already confused board.

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