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  • travxman travxman Aug 6, 2000 10:44 AM Flag

    need help

    don't understand why a stock with a book value more that 6 times the trading price isn't a good deal. How could someone lose? Isn't this stock a good takeover candidate?

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    • like a woman scorned.
      I find it amusing that a
      MrStockenstein would run around kissing real mens' asses,
      pimpled or otherwise.
      Could it be REIT Queen is really
      Porn Queen Stockenstein.
      This is a rhetorical
      question, please adjust your filter.

    • The point is. There are other places on earth
      beside Texas. The Lady I mentioned has saturated the FM
      Radio band with her talk show. She is syndicated and
      very popular with young people. It is almost
      impossible to not hear her in those areas of the country
      wher her broadcasts are heard.
      What has this to do
      with LaQuinta??
      They are an unknown quantity in the
      Motel Business for people who do not travel in the
      South or South West.
      My only experience at a
      LaQuinta was many years ago in Illinois. It had no
      function hall or resturant.
      When Abe Bought into
      LaQuinta I assumed the bankers were behind the deal
      twisting his arm. They were in debt and had just finished
      spending a great deal of money remodeling. Looked like a
      money laundering deal on a foggy day.
      As you have
      read from a few of my posts, I had a good amount of
      money invested in healthcare prior to the acquisition
      of SAR and Cobblestone et al.
      I don't like the
      prospects of the motel industry long or short term nor
      would I invest in them or airline stock.
      I am easing
      my way out of MT and will never add to my
      It would appear to me, the general market and all
      the analysts have the same

    • Asking Fritz to chill out, or answer a sincere
      rational question (especially if he can't provide the
      answer) is an exercise in utter futility.

      He is
      only here for the "entertainment value", and considers
      anyone that doesn't kiss his pimpled ass a 'moron'.

    • To find those web-sites?

      You know what tomorrow is and where I'll be. 7:30 am while it's still cool.


    • you are not and not what you are.
      I am
      supposed to consider that as, 1 a leg pull. 2 A method to
      extract information. 3 a quiz 4 a question from someone
      who claims to be a friend who I don't know from a
      hole in the ground.
      My friend, tho I sincerely
      doubt that, Does this conversation not point out the
      absurdity of message boards? For all I know, you could be
      an account executive at one of the brokerages with
      which I have accounts. On the other hand I could be
      privy to all your personal information with regard to
      your investment accounts.
      Yet there are people who
      think message boards are worthwhile.
      Of only one
      thing can you be sure, You are not I nor Am I
      Did I miss your reply 1?

    • Chill out my friend. I am neither a moron nor an inexperienced investor. My question was sincere...I didn't see the connection between earnings date announcement and preserving cash.

    • <I am still waiting to see a new intelligent post on this board.>

      You would improve the odds of that happening if you stopped posting.

    • to fool anyone. It is inherently stupid to try to
      fool all of the people all of the time or all of the
      people some of the time or none of the people some of
      the time or nobody at any time, but there are people
      that would have you believe they are smarter than
      others, only in particular areas.
      I am still waiting
      to see a new intelligent post on this board.

    • new alias. Now you are the filter. But your writing style gives you away. Of course, with that choice of an alias, you weren't really trying to fool anybody.


    • campaign really is. "With more than 100 Texas
      locations to choose from, La Quinta offers an array of
      family-friendly amenities including complimentary breakfast and
      free stays for children 18 and under in their parent's
      room. "
      Can we be serious for a minit? Who would
      want their 18 year old child in the same Motel Room?
      Ans: A Texan

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