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  • snugly60031 snugly60031 Oct 6, 2000 9:03 PM Flag

    Cheeser Patriotism

    This ought to get sales up. Shopko marketing
    could elicit Cheeser patriotism. For example Shopko
    employees should wear Cheese Heads, ask patrons if they
    want assistance carrying their package to their car or
    if they want to "take with", after making any
    statement add the phrase "ya knooooow", and of course at
    all times be obvious Packer backers - wear the green
    jersey and display the "G" pennants on the each side of
    their cars.
    All seriousness aside - I'm
    disappointed with the slide in the stock price, but the PE is
    low, the book value is high, debt is not a burden,
    company is not strapped for cash, and the malaise is
    general to the whole sector. I may buy some more in the
    next few days and sell some later that I have at a
    higher price for tax loss. Longer term I feel the stock
    price will return to the $20's.