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  • skotroller skotroller Feb 23, 2001 9:33 AM Flag



    re: "Review of the charts will also show a strong upward trend which will be volatile due to small float."

    Isn't this a contradiction? How can the trend be *strong* upward if it's volatile? My brain tells me nothing that's volatile is strong anything (except a strong risk).

    Not to sound skeptical, but what charts are you looking at that suggest a strong upward trend? Kohls? (LOL)


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    • Sorry for the spelling of "volatile". Strong upward; look at bollinger bands, on weekly setting. One chart example, showing strength. How can it be volatile? Small float, no news until earnings for huge run. Thus, go down on low volume, build stops above go up and snag'em end unchanged like monday. Or, trend down very slowly let weak hands put their stops out, go down get them come back, but end the day slightly down. All on low volume. Yet, able to maintain trend. No, I was not talking about KSS, thanks :). KM maybe, not KSS.