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  • ahminsider ahminsider May 7, 2003 8:40 AM Flag

    Employees leaving

    It now appears that the real AHM story is about to be told. The Columbia National acquisition is in the process of falling apart. A major component of that company, the Midwest region, walked out recently to another company. Another group, in Virginia, also walked out to another company. Major unrest and dissension is going on. Competent people who are major producers are disgusted with the company and its arrogant management style. With volumes starting to slow down you will see a lot more of this. BEWARE!!!!!!!!

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    • I heard Strauss is crazy and extremely difficult to work for. How is that new CFO Hozie doing? Has he brought in any decent people under him on the accounting, planning, tax side?

    • Maybe those employees will be replaced by people who understand that when you accept a paycheck from a company you them your loyalty -not the other way around... If people who are working for the company post derogatory comments about managemetn then any company would be better offf without those employees.

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      • Man how did I miss this post? Congratulations, you win the stupidest post of all time award. First, replacing employees in the lending biz is a major problem right now as everyone is at capacity. Loosing experienced employees therefore, is a huge problem because you are replacing them with trainees. This increases costs and hammers your customer service. Second, if employers were keeping their employees best interest in mind, we wouldn't need unions, HR departments and a whole class of litigation attorneys. Furthermore, a whole lotta Enron employees would still have their 401k's had their "brilliant" management team not been a group of greedy criminals. What did their loyalty get them?

        You accept a pay check from a company because you perform a job. Do it well and be rewarded do it poorly and find yourself on the unemployment line. Loyalty my friend, is a two way street. From what I read on this message board, a lot of people seem to feel that they are doing a good job at AHMH and not getting what they feel they deserve or agreed to. Employee loyalty starts at the top and it's hard to have employee loyalty if the management team lacks the respect of the employees working for them.

      • And is AHM loyal to the employees? No. They treat them like crap and then wonder why they leave in droves. I have never worked anyplace with such high turnover. If AHM wants loyal employees they have alot to learn about turning the favor.

        Columbia was doomed from the start. Strauss treated his loyal execs like dirt and they left too. Now he's surrounded by know-nothing yes-men for execs. No one was willing to tell him the whole project was a terrible idea. Now he's reaping what he sowed. If you want to get caught in the crossfire then go right ahead.

    • for the housing sector. We will consolidate after the big jump up, but the money flow from insititutions is considerable now net into AHMH. M