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  • strum_this strum_this Feb 9, 2007 11:18 AM Flag

    Sold all my AHM shares

    I rode NEW down all day yesterday from 30 to 19. Biggest one-day loss I've ever suffered on a stock, bar none. I swapped out of NEW this morning on the bounce and purchased AHM with the proceeds. I realize there is a chance that I sold NEW near the bottom but I'm so pissed at management over there that my conscience just couldn't let me stay in that stock.

    So now I'm riding AHM down even further over here with you nice folks. It's been a really rough 24 hours and I'm pretty numb. I'd shut off the computer and go for a walk if it weren't so $#$% cold outside.

    If it AHM gets to recent lows (below 30) I've got a bit more dry powder to avg. down with. I'm trying to keep emotion out of the trade but it's been really tough to do...

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    • Well, for what it's worth, I think you're much better off being in AHM than NEW. Both are pretty high-risk stocks, but I think the general view is that AHM is in a much more solid position. NEW obviously has a much higher beta than AHM, so a huge rebound there is certainly possible at some point, but I think AHM will recover pretty nicely once this selling/shorting frenzy plays itself out.

    • This has been a pretty good stock for quite awhile. I had ACAS and AHM for some time but elected to go with AHM. The dividends appear relatively solid, and that's a big plus. From my standpoint, I don'treally care if the value doesn't go up so long as the dividends remain high.

    • That's my story, too!

      I also switched from NEW (with huge losses) to this one.

      And today this one starts going down like subprime garbage. Maybe I can get some more shares for the long run on Monday morning below 30.

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      • You have to buy your way into these things a few days after the bad news. I think the selling will be out of the way by next week. Look at the way they sucked in some traders early this morning with a $1 bounce in NEW. Now the stock is down $2. Unbelievable, I might buy some sub prime M REIT's next week if the EPS visibility can be clarified. However, NEW and NFI look like they are in real trouble since the EPS may have to be restated.