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  • sme20_98 sme20_98 Mar 14, 2007 8:36 AM Flag

    Company has said all it needs to

    They have indicated that earnings might be slightly impacted or slowed in the near term, but that their PRIME lending business and market for that paper remains strong and as such so will earnings --estimated to be in the mid $5 range next year. that makes the dividend safe through at least 2008 and beyond. Take a step back and think--Real estate may have slowed, but it is a market where there will ALWAYS be strong demand as long as there is a population increase and that is a constant given in this country. And everyone is not defaulting on their loans. This will smooth out--mort. application activity increased last week and demand will always be strong. If you are smart, you will take this opportunity to weigh all the facts and make a good investment decision. AHM is not in the same business as NEW and their portfolio disclosure proves that. This stock should easily trade at 8 to 10 times earnings which should make it a $40 to $50 stock--what a buy here at $21. All my HO