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  • rispleen rispleen Apr 13, 2007 8:47 PM Flag


    Looks like Karl is having a bad hair day today. Actually I think he has a bad hair day everyday given his obnoxiousness (and his bad hair).

    While he has been lurking in the shadows on the AHM board today, he has been rampant on the CFC and WM boards.

    I'm sure we'll be plagued with his presence here again soon.

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    • Your entire post is speculation and distortion of facts. As to this "fact"

      "Lastly can you give us your ideas on what will happen to share price if the distribution gets cut again due to at least 4 quarters of profit of 60 cents each or less.Remember those were management's own words!!!!!!!!!!! "

      This is completely false. The are predicting "$3.75 to $4.25 per diluted share" The reason they can do this is that They are NOT selling at a loss but are "reducing our gain on sale revenue " ... and .. "that our gain on sale margins will not recover through the balance of the year"

      Learn to read, the margins were reduced, not eliminated.

    • You will no longer be plagued if you put him on ignore with all the professional Shorts.