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  • sudnwealth sudnwealth Aug 19, 2005 11:05 PM Flag

    Hey Fighton- - !

    First message on the board eh? Hope it doesn't turn into a CY kinda board. I'm looking to buy here. Whats a good entry point IYO?

    BTW i'm heavy into SIMO, another recent IPO. They are around $10 in spite of the fact that they smoked their last Q.


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    • ...Thanks sudnwealth...Yah post 1...That will never happen again for sure!

      CY is a crazy board but I enjoy the combat and exchanges every now and again. Buck's not as stupid as he comes off but he's a control freak and can't stand sharing recognition or anyone challenging his control on the board.

      I feel HITT is a very promising company with a long term history of showing they can grow revenues amd earnings even in very difficult times. I bought at 18.34 just after the IPO started trading...Ideal buy level?...Tough one..I would think anywhere under 19 you should do quite well. I have a NT price objective of 23-25.

      Thanks for the tout on SIMO...I will look at that one.

      Good luck....Fghton

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      • Buck controlling? Nah, he's just misunderstood! LOL.LOL.LOL. Have to admit I enjoyed your exchanges with Buck in da good old days before the "TRUCE". Wish I'd a mark'd some of those literally had me rolling on the floor, holding my sides from the pain of it all..never laughed so hard in my life. So good they were I had to share a few with wifee..

        Let me know what you think of SIMO. From everything I've found out so far they could easily double from $10 IMHO. Question is, is the market gonna cooperate, and what will '06 bring? I'm playing it bit more defensive recently.....