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  • sudnwealth sudnwealth Aug 23, 2005 12:13 AM Flag


    thanks for the imput on SIMO. I am also in BTUI, EBIX, and INMD.

    I think you'll find all 3 to be very tasty indeed.

    And if still a wee bit into biotech check out AVN which is looking like a breakout stock any day and is cheap!!!

    what do you like besides HITT?


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    • ...Looked at BTUI...EBIX...and INMD and I must say they all look very interesting. You like those 50 mil mini micro cap stocks. Thin as heck and when they move they move. I noticed though all three had real sharp moves up in July-August. Charts look almost identical....Straight spikes to the moon. I'm always very careful about getting in after that takes place unless the stock consolidates at some level for a time.

      Which one do you like the best? I must say the fundamentals on each look pretty good.
      You obviously did some homework to find them!

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      • Gighton,

        Yeah I like the small cappers a lot. If you get into the right ones like I did with TZOO and AIRT last year you can really make bank...

        I came to be in those 3 for entirely different reasons and all 3 are potential home runs. Longer term i like INMD as they are a virtual monopoly on the fertlity biz and a new TV show is starting in two weeks on fertility. Peter Lynch also owns a BUNCH of INMD.
        BTUI is an easy double IMO going forward and EBIX is solid too. Practically printing $$.

        All in my humble opinion BTW.

        Good Luck.


    • ...Own EZEM which is a pure value play with a blockbuster potential kicker in their RSDL product for first responders and the US military...Biotechs YMI...THRX...RIGL...DNDN...Recent IPO's JRVR...CF...HITT...and played CMED for 4pts recently and will probably try that one again...Want to buy RUTH as well in the low 18's. Looking to buy biotechs ONXX under 19 and SEPR in the mid 40's...Crapshoot MTMC but could be very big if everything works! Will buy MRK 25 or under;