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  • sudnwealth sudnwealth Aug 31, 2005 11:15 AM Flag


    ck out BSM and AOB....

    fast imo

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    • ....Crazy day out there. Market is really thin and investors seemingly can't decide if we're going down for the count because of the hurricane (and gas prices) or will we survive!
      No telling how bad this thing will end up for both the poor people directly effected by it and our economy in general. A city the size of New Orleans being without power for up to two months! Can't really comprehend that. The loss of income alone is going to be staggering not to mention repairs of the damage. Could be a hundred billion or more according to some sources.

      In any event I bought some CF back today at 16.67 and will add to it as it approaches 16.
      I also bought some RUTH at 18.62 simply for a bounce rally when things simmer down a bit.

      Would love to exchange newsletters but Miller would literally sue you if he found out.
      His subscribers are VERY protective. They reported me once to Yahoo for quoting a half sentence in one of this reports!

      Aside from that not much happening...Just having some fun on the CY board. Haven't quite reached my objective there of pissing everybody off...I think I'm only at 80% so a ways to go! LOL...


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      • wonder what Miller would say about BSM's cervical cancer treatment? The stock has doubled in 2 days and closed today right near its highs. BSM could wind up being a MONSTER stock before its over(or a dud). I dunno if you read the news, but a 90% complete remission rate? Its like star trek...

        And what if it works on other types of cancerous tumors????

        BTW my mother passed away from cervical cancer a little over a year and a half ago. I miss her dearly.