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  • sudnwealth sudnwealth Sep 27, 2005 8:18 PM Flag

    Fighton, now your prescient call on

    CY is starting to look like friggin genius! Man did you hit the top on that sale!!!!

    Looks like the cats outta bag on BSM or will be shortly. Magazine article due to be published in October issue of Ladies Home Journal (4.1 million readers)regardings Duke University's breast cancer study. Tell ya what, that stock is starting to get some mojo. I may add another 500 or so myself tommorrow.

    What else are you liking??


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    • ...CY yah, but you've hit every winner in the last two weeks! I was in trying to buy 5k BSM at 4.25 and the thing goes up a point today...Damn! All the others you talked about are up nicely as well...Good job...

      The bios I was "watching"...ONXX...RIGL..THRX..all ran away from me so I'll passs on those for the moment.

      Still own quite a bit of CF...I sold my stake in RUTH at 18.75 but will buy back in on some real weakness...perhaps around 15..Frankly not alot of things out there moving with the exception of yours!

      Keep it up...Hopefully I'll join you in some of these if I get off my hands...LOL...