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  • encorewirebull encorewirebull Dec 6, 2006 1:10 PM Flag

    Conference Today

    Is it a coincidence we are down big the day of that conference? Did they blow it??? Anyone have any thoughts?

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    • I listened to the conference and they were not
      impressive. They lacked details on design wins
      etc. You could have read the 10K and got more
      information than the presentation.

      However, the current downtrend is most likely
      the following:

      1) Investors who did not sell when the stock
      went down. Trying to minmize loss.

      2) Tax loss selling is kicking off.

      The price will stabilize between $31-$34. Thats
      where support is now. I intend to hold.

      The fundamentals are the same. If you read
      the 10K there big customer is Boeing. That
      tells me they should do OK becuase GWB has
      made the defense industry a cash cow.


    • I think most of the drop happened even before the conference starts. I listened to the webcast, and it was pretty good. I suppose most of these information are not new, but still pretty impressive. I didn't hear any signs of weakness from the CEO and CFO presentation.

      Perhaps they presented too long and exceeded the time slot, I didn't hear the end. It seems like being cut off. When I reconnect, it says the presentation ended already. So I didn't hear any Q&A session either, and maybe they didn't have one.

      Any one else has comments on today's presentation?


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