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  • mysteriously_here mysteriously_here Jul 3, 2008 2:34 AM Flag

    I bought 15,000 today at $4.40

    "Let me explain this clearly for you."

    I would appreciate that.

    "I found the tannersarah message in this thread. It is the oldest that talks about the seasonal pattern. So my logical conclusion was that she discovered the pattern."

    Reasonable, but it discounts the possibility that several individuals could discover a pattern independently. In the history of science and mathematics, their are multiple instances. When a new comet is discovered, there is a rush to notify the appropriate authorities in order to have naming rights.

    "I told this to lucky."

    Does this mean you did not tell Lucky that jenarogers "copied" from tannersarah? Was that something he came up with on his own? In other words, did he lie when he said a friend told him it was copied by jenarogers?

    "I am not responsible for what lucky or anyone else writes."

    Fair enough as long as you aren't Lucky or anyone else.

    "Personaly I often like reading about details you explain about Six Flags."


    "People had called me liar to my face when I was telling the truth. If that happened to you you might get angry too."

    Different people have different hot buttons. If that's yours, fine. One of mine is that I don't like people trying to bully and intimidate others, and especially not if they lie to do it.

    "So I'm fearless. It is a positive attribute. Firemen are also fearless."

    Firemen are trained to know what they're doing in order to minimize risk to themselves in dangerous, perilous, and hazardous circumstances.

    "Now lucky said "a friend" and you replied by saying lucky's friends were liars. Do you know all of lucky's friends?"

    The context of what I said would not require me to know all of Lucky's friends.

    "I also find the conspiacy theory that you are jenarogers amusing."

    I find it boring, stupid and tiresome.

    "And these conspiracy theories show that there is a lot of mistrust on this board."

    These conspiracy theories are fictions made up by humiliated liars who wish to discredit other participants and can't do it with the content of what those other posters have said so they make things up in the false and misguided belief that who the person is matters more than what they actually said. Nobody else cares so it doesn't work.

    "The lie detector test can solve what I described previosly."

    No. It is entirely irrelevant to what was described previously. Even if what was said turns out to be true, it wasn't known to be true when it was said. The proof has to exist before the assertion is made or the assertion is dishonest. The need for a lie detector admits as much.

    "So in it's absence and after reading what you have said my conclusion now is I don't know who originated the seasonal trend strategy."

    It could be 50 different people independently originated it. After all, the historical data is readily available and easily accessible. There are books and chapters of books on the topic of investing in stocks whose share prices oscillate and how to invest in them.

    "If tannersarah and jenarogers are both honest people I'm sure that neither would object to taking a lie detector test."

    I don't believe their honesty is in question. Neither of them claimed that they originated the strategy or that the other copied them. They have no dispute to resolve.

    I do know that jenarogers discussed on other forums (Compuserve or Prodigy) trading oscillating stocks as far back as 1998. One stock was MOTO as I recall.

    You have already acknowledged that you do not know where the strategy originated. That is sufficient to correct the original error.

    Unfortunately and unwisely, your friend Lucky, like gxx5go/park99sunshine before him decided to go on the attack and make a fool of himself.